Rowing isn't just a great physical activity, its also a great way to get involved in a vibrant social scene. Not only will you enjoy meeting people from all years and subjects at the Boat House, but the social events we have planned will keep you rowing ‘just for the dinners'!

The most high-profile events are undoubtedly the Boat Club Dinners – a three-course meal with plenty of wine, Port, singing and a celebration of the results of the year so far. In Michaelmas term there are two formal dinners, after the University IVs and Fairbairns races, for everyone that participated. And after each set of Bumps races there is yet another dinner, with the potential for a boat burning if headships are gained or retained! In addition to this, the old members of DCBC return for a dinner in Easter term (the Segreants Dinner) which allows you to meet and mingle with people who have left the college recently, or even decades ago. Michaelmas and Lent see two cocktail parties, and in Easter term the Boat Club leave the rowing boats and travel up the river by Punt to the Granchester Meadows for the annual Picnic, Pimms and Punting (including much Pimms and not so much of the Punting!). These are fantastic ways to spend an evening, get out of the college work bubble and really let loose...

As well as the scheduled events, our crews often go on the infamous swaps with other college crews. The social secs will organise some (and the LBCs will for the novices as well) but if anyone sees an attractive crew on the river, or has a friend rowing in another college, just give them a call. Curries, formals, clubbing, pubbing - there's no fixed format, so choose whatever you want to do!

For the Senior men, there's the Downing Tribe, a social group with a few swaps and nights out a term, as well as the highlight of many people's May Week - the Tribal BBQ, hosted by the Tribe. It's a summer evening of Pimms, BBQ and Spanish music on the Paddock - and is one of the biggest Garden Parties in Cambridge with 1000 people attending last year!

Aside from going out and doing things, the team aspect of rowing guarantees that you'll end up making friends across all the year-groups, as well as within your year, and really feel part of something. Soon after getting into a crew, you'll be in the pub, in a punt, or just chilling out watching a film with crew-mates (not everything involves alcohol!). When you leave Downing, it will be your fellow members of DCBC who stay friends for life, long after you have left the Boat House for the last time.

If you have any questions about the Social aspect of the Club, or perhaps some ideas to suggest for the social events, email Katia ( or Philippa (, the Social Secretaries.